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Furoshiki in a party


The furoshiki can be used in a party

The furoshiki can be used in a party
Because a home party doesn't have to worry about time and the weather and care about what other people think, you can relax with friends and have a good time
Wouldn't you like to utilize a furoshiki as a useful item to enjoy such a home party still more?
Furoshiki can be purchased easily by mail order, it's possible to enjoy various utilization way.
We'll introduce about a furoshiki here.

The stylish expression in a home party

The stylish expression in a home party
When you have a party, there will be many people who want a stylish expression.
As well as the enjoying yourself, we want to do artistic expression to to have a participant enjoy it.
When a furoshiki is utilized, even if there is no time, the fashionable atmosphere can be create easily.
It changes to a fashionable item just to wrap various things such as tissue cover, cushion cover and container cover.
It's possible to utilize for table coordination, so please try by all means.

Arrange the gifts

Arrange the gifts
When you're invited to a home party, a gift of luxury wine and sho bottle would be prepared.
If you arrange a fashionable gift, we recommend to utilize a furoshiki.
Even if a wrapping is difficult bottle, and it's possible to gift-wrap prettily easily by using a furoshiki.
At Otsutsumi-kenkyusho of the mail order shop, so we are available the furoshiki of various designs such as a pretty design and an interesting design,  please use the wrapping of the gift.

Convenient utilization way

Convenient utilization way
The furoshiki with various designs and sizes can be used as one of coordination.
The design of the furoshiki is chosen according to the clothes, fashionable coordination will be completed when are made of a tote bag, a shoulder bag and a backpack.
Because it can be folded up small, the point that it can be carried around casually is also attractive .
It's utilized as a bag when you have a lot of baggage, it's possible to utilize as a bag cover when it has rained suddenly.
It will be active in all situations, so if one piece is being carried around, it's a very useful item.
At Otsutsumi-kenkyusho of the mail order shop, we are available a lot of a stylish furoshiki.
Because it's also possible to put Japanese gift paper and to prepare a message card (fixed form sentence), please utilize the person who is looking for a celebration gift.
Also at Otsutsumi-kenkyusho, we're introducing various trivias about a furoshiki.
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