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Tenugui which is usable as a souvenir

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  • Tenugui which is usable as a souvenir

About a tenugui which is usable as a souvenir

About a tenugui which is usable as a souvenir

There are various kinds in a tenugui such as a pretty pattern, a nostalgic pattern and the brands.

Not only can be used as a handkerchief or a towel, but it is also recommended as a Japanese souvenir because it can be used as interior and fashion items.

A tenugui which attracts attention again

A tenugui is a cloth item which is familiar with Japanese from old days
Some people think that there is an image that has been used in the old times, but convenience and a rich pattern been attracted attention again recently, and it's supported from various fields.
The tenugui which combines the convenience and the design quality such as the cloth is thin and not bulky, excellent in the water absorption and the quick-drying,  is one of the wonderful daily necessities borned in Japan.

Give a tenugui as a souvenir


The cloth items of a tenugui and a furoshiki are also popular from foreign visitors.
When worrying about present to a friend to travel from abroad or to homestays, please choose a tenugui by all means.

Mount Fuji and the ukiyoe can introduce Japanese culture.
It may be possible to have a lively conversation about the Japanese culture through a tenugui.

The reason why is recommended as a souvenir


Speaking of souvenirs overseas, there is a tendency that a country specialty and something of telling the characteristics of the country is selected.

The tenugui, in addition to the design which is identified as a Japanese item at a glance, good usability, because it does not matter the

gender or age of the people who use, can be said to be suitable for the souvenir.


As a tool to appeal for splendor of Japan towards foreign countries, please present a tenugui.
When presenting, we think it's pleased more when you teach how to wash and convenient how to use.

At Otsutsumi-kenkyusho, we offer a tenugui by the mail order.
We have the tenugui of various patterns such as red Fuji, Hokusai wave and colored leaves.
When you are looking for a tenugui by mail, please use Otsutsumi-kenkyusho by all means.
Also at Otsutsumi-kenkyusho, we're introducing various trivias about a tenugui and a furoshiki.
How to use a tenugui, please look at this.

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