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A furoshiki bag?


A furoshiki bag?

A furoshiki bag?
The furoshiki is rarely used in daily life in today.
However, the bag made of such a furoshiki has attracted attention in recent years.
The furoshiki bag that change shape freely, we think that many people are taken it in a fashion as a unique item.

What is a furoshiki bag?

What is a furoshiki bag?
The furoshiki bag means the bag that made of a furoshiki just like the name.
However, "A furoshiki becomes a bag?" some people might wonder.
The furoshiki is used for wrapping and carrying a thing, and has been played as the same role from old days.
Such a furoshiki, how to use "in the bag"rather than the "wrap"  has been widespread. 
Choose your favorite furoshiki from among the rich designs from the Japanese pattern to pop pattern, wouldn't you like to get a favorite furoshiki bag?

How to make a furoshiki bag

How to make a furoshiki bag
In the simple furoshiki bag which tie up and only make, there is variations rich how to make.
It would be better to choose a rather big furoshiki according to something to carry around and to choose something with a pretty design when make the child have it.
It'll be a bag with the very different design by one knot, so even a furoshiki with the same design can enjoy a different expression.

Try to use furoshiki bag

Try to use furoshiki bag
The furoshiki bag, there are various designs which can be enjoyed according to the use, so it's possible to utilize in many scenes.
It will be good as the everyday use of the bag, then, be better to use according to the dressing in kimono.
Also, it is interesting that you carry it as a furoshiki compactly and use as an eco-bag in shopping later.
The furoshiki bag is best feature that the size can be changed according to the thing carried around.
By changing the idea from "buy" to "make"  a bag, please enjoy making original furoshiki bag.
At Otsutsumi-kenkyusho, we're selling the furoshiki full of designability.
A unique furoshiki just like an art work is also available, so please find one piece of the favorite by a convenient mail order.
In addition, for the person without confidence to make a bag and once tried it, but was not able to make well, Otsutsumi-kenkyusho makes a bag and provides services to deliver to our customers for free of charge.
If you are looking for a furoshiki bag to attract the attention as a fashion item, please feel free to contact us.
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