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Staff blog of Otsutsumi-kenkyusho

Staff blog of Otsutsumi-kenkyusho
The new pattern of kenema's "Chusen Tenugui"!
We will introduce the new pattern of kenema's "Chusen Tenugui"!
"Chusen Tenugui"
kenema brand tenugui is dyed using the technique called "Chusen" which is also a traditional Japanese craft.
What is "Chusen"?
It is a kind of traditional type of dyeing that pours dyes from the dough, which is protected by a special glue and dyed over and overlays the patterned part.
So, we will introduce some of the tenugui we received this time.
The pattern of "Margaret"
Clean and cute pure white petals.
'He loves me'  'he loves me not' 'he loves me' 'he loves me not'・・・
The language of flowers, "true love" is wonderful.
Put tenugui in a special frame, to the interior of the room!
Attach a tenugui to a tapestry bar and decorate it!
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