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Staff blog


Staff blog of Otsutsumi-kenkyusho

Staff blog of Otsutsumi-kenkyusho
How about reading in a warm room?
 How about reading in a warm room?
The outside is cold enough to get numb ...
In such a case, how about reading in a warm room?
Why do not you attach a cute book jacket and read your favorite novel?
Ready-made book jackets are on sale at bookstores and grocery stores! Just...
Even small furoshiki can easily make book covers! Indeed, without using needles and threads!
Because it is a small furoshiki cloth of cotton material, you can wash it even if it gets dirty.
If it was a reversible type small furoshiki, you can put out your favorite color according to the mood of the day with one small furoshiki, you can make two kinds of book jackets in a piece of small furoshiki.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
Happy New Year.
 Happy New Year. 
"Otsutsumi-kenkyusho" in 2018 delivers information useful for everyday life as same as last year 
We would appreciate your continued kind cooperation this year.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
Year-end housecleaning
Year-end housecleaning
Since ancient time in Japan, there is a custom to do housecleaning at the end of the year.
It seems that it began with saying that it gets dust accumulated throughout the year, it cleanses the whole house with refreshing mind and body, and brings the New Year to greet.
I remembered what my grandmother had taught before.
Even in the busy year, this is one of the essential events.
So, after the last business day of the year, I am doing my best to clean the whole house.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
Introduction of the Christmas pattern of "Saijiki".
I will introduce the Christmas pattern of "Saijiki".
I made it as a tapestry with a Christmas pattern of "Saijiki".
It is a Furoshiki of about 68cm with vivid color. Santa and snowman are also decorate a lot of gift, it is a very cute pattern.
If you decorate your room, it will be bright and dazzled.
For inquiries about Furoshiki, just do not hesitate to ask the Otsutsumi-kenkyusho.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
"Kobe Illuminach"
"Kobe Illuminach"
Hello, in various places in Kansai, "Illumination" being held.
I went to "Kobe Illuminach", one of which is being held in several places in Kobe.
The place is in the Kobe fruit flower park.
The lighting time was 5:30 in the evening, moment when it lighted up was a moment of excitement.
A huge illumination maze is like a dream world!
A cute snowman will greet with a smile.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
As the Interior of the room with Christmas pattern
As the Interior of the room with Christmas pattern
The Furoshiki of Christmas pattern, it's be made as a tapestry.
Overseas, I think that many people spend Christmas at home.
And I think that you can decorate a luxurious tree, even if you
just decorate it into a tapestry and decorate it in your room,
it becomes cute.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
The present season of Japan is "fall".
The present season of Japan is "fall".
When the temperature in the morning and evening drops by 10 degrees, the trees start to turn red.
The mountain ranges become red, yellow, orange and green at once and it becomes colorful.
It is a season where you can enjoy the scenery in Japan with four seasons.
Those who come to Japan at this time, please enjoy the autumn leaves by all means.
In Kansai region, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara etc. are the sights of autumn leaves.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
About Shigeyama Sengoro's House Kyogen costumes Patterns
About Shigeyama Sengoro's House Kyogen costumes Patterns
Kyogen who plays a sophisticated laugh in the long history which walked along with Noh(theatre).
It is Sengoro Shigeyama who lives in townspeople and continues to fascinate with its mild artwork in its grace.
It's finished in a furoshiki under approved by Shigeyama Sengoro the design which was given to the costume which has been handed down generously.
You can use it as a tablecloth or tapestry as a fun way to use.
Korin chrysanthemum Azuki
In the middle Edo period, the pattern which the painter Ogata Korin started, which has gained much popularity by finding out its own style, continues to be loved over time.
The lovely Korin chrysanthemum design is a representative pattern of Rimpa, widely used in textile goods.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
Cochae Series Dog
Cochae Series Dog
Beagle, Chihuahua, Akita dog, Shiba Inu.
Four dogs surrounding a favorite dog food.
It seems to be pleased that a lovely round eyes turns over here.
When you tie it, the expression of each animal will become richer.
Gift wrapping for those who like dogs, of course, is also recommended for a walk with mini bags.
When the Akita dog is wrapped in front.
When the Chihuahua is wrapped in front.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
Also loved by foreigners "Ukiyo-e"
"Ukiyo-e" was indispensable to the people of the Edo era as media that convey attractive information such as play and places of interest.
"Ukiyo - e" was also loved abroad and influenced the art world in the latter half of the 19th century.
Among them, it’s made a Furoshiki that depicts the beauty of Japanese "WA".
The size of 68 cm is a size that you can put in a frame like a painting,
or you can decorate using a tapestry stick easily.
Because it is a soft material and not bulky, it is suitable for souvenirs for foreigners.
Ukiyo-e "Sharaku",  Tango Furoshiki is.
Ukiyo-e Furoshiki which was made its various designs as it is as artworks "Ukiyo-e" unique to Japan that bloomed in the Edo period.
The bold composition and hue are popular abroad and are very pleased as a gift.
It is the most familiar size Furoshiki of "Futahaba"(68 cm × 68 cm).
Also gift for overseas people will be pleased.
It depicts a personality rich facial expression of the actor.
The pattern that represents the Japan is drawn in the Furoshiki.
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho staff
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