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How to make a furoshiki bag.

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  • How to make a furoshiki bag.
A big furoshiki will be a convenient bag.
For example, how about making a bag with a furoshiki of water-repellant processing on a bad day of the weather and going out?
I think it's also fun to change the pattern of the furoshiki and make it a bag according to the clothes.


Q1 Is it easy to use a furoshiki bag?
Furoshiki is a cloth of a piece of square
To suit what you want to put in the bag, it can be adjusted freely to its size
We do not choose the the shape of the thing to wrap.
Q2 If a lot of baggage is put in, isn't it loose?
Basic of tying of the furoshiki "Mamusubi"! How to tie a "Mamusubi", please click here.
When mastering how to tie, you can tie firmly, and it is safe!.
Q3 If you get tired of the furoshiki bag・・・
It isn't being sewn by thread, so it can easily return to the square.
You can use as an interior of table cloth in your room.
Ready-made bag can be used only as a bag, but there are various uses for a furoshiki.
In this site, we introduce how to use of each size and use. By all means, please see it!

How to make a furoshiki bag.

How to make a furoshiki bag.
How to make of the furoshiki bag is very easy.!
Challenge a town bag!
Otsutsumi-kenkyusho will tell you the know-how to make well.
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