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Sale and export business of daily necessities miscellaneous goods and interior accessories

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About Copyright

About Copyright
  1. Each piece of information that has been posted on this website (text, photos, illustrations, etc.) has been the subject of copyright. In addition, the entire this website has also been the subject of copyright as editing work, it is both protected by copyright law and international treaties of the country.
  2. For all or any part of the contents of this website, as private use or quote such as copyright law recognized act, by explicitly the source by an appropriate way, quote, you will be able to carry out the reprint replication. However, this does not apply if there is a note such as "All rights reserved".
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  1. When you posted the information on this website, we have taken all possible measures for the accuracy of the information, but may contain incomplete or typographical errors in the technical and legal. Us for the acts of any performing user using the information of this website, does not assume any responsibility.
  2. This website maintenance, by force majeure, such as fire-power outage other natural disasters and viruses or from any other third party interference such act, per damage the service by this website is generated to the user due to the fact that to stop, our responsibility Please understand that it can not assume.
  3. Download and install, such as browser software and various tools, please go on the basis of the responsibility of the user. For failure or troubles that occur during the download and installation, us does not assume any responsibility for solving damages and problems.

About Link

About Link
Since the link to this website is free as a general rule, please contact us in the case of link is not required. However, in some cases, such as if the contents intention is obvious, or if the link source of abuse is contrary to the laws and public policy, because you may be asked to remove the link, please understand beforehand.

Please refrain from because there is a risk of misleading the ability to view this website in a frame.


This website you may want to change or delete the contents without notice. Please note.
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